The basic computer concepts

  • Computer is an advanced electronic device and it operates under a set of instructions(called program), that input or accept data, process data and produce output data and store the information for future purposes. A computer can process both numerical and nonnumerical calculations.
  • Data is a collection of raw unprocessed facts, symbols, and figures.
  • Information is the data that is organized and meaningful.

Computer full form

"Commonly oriented machine particularly used for trade, education, research" is the full form of computer.

        U=Used For

Functionalities of computer

  • It stores the data in its memory and processes it whenever it is required.
  • Input or accept the data.
  • Process the data
  • Output the data
  • Control the above functionalities.

Characteristics of computer

  1. Speed: The computer is very fast in calculations. A powerful computer can execute 3 million calculations per second.
  2. Accuracy: The computer is very accurate compared to the human.
  3. Reliability: The output generated by the computer is very reliable.
  4. Automation: The features of the computer are automatic. It works automatically without any human intervention.
  5. Diligence: A computer will never fail to execute its task. A human being can be lazy. But the computer cannot be lazy.
  6. Convenience: Computers are eazy to assist and use.
  7. Flexible: Computers are very flexible. If the software is changed, it can change it on your computer according to your requirement.