The components of a computer

  • Data is a collection of raw unprocessed facts, symbols, and figures.
  • Information is the data that is organized and meaningful
    To process the data into information, a computer uses both hardware and software.
  • A computer consist of mainly hardware and software. Mainly there are two parts of a computer.
    1. Hardware
    2. Software
  • Hardware refers to the parts of the computer that you can touch and feel. Keyboard, printer, CPU, monitor are the parts of the computer are examples of computer hardware.
  • Software refers to the instructions or the program given to a computer that performs a specific task. MS Windows, Adobe Photoshop are examples of software.

Input devices

  • Basically data or instructions are entered into the computer with the help of input devices. Keyboard and mouse are the basic examples of input devices.
  • The following are the input devices of the computer.
    1. Keyboard
    2. Mouse
    3. Microphone
    4. Touch screen
    5. Scanner
    6. Webcam
    7. Touchpads
    8. MIDI keyboard
    9. Graphics Tablets
    10. Cameras
    11. Pen Input
    12. Video Capture Hardware
    13. Microphone
    14. Digital camera
    15. Joystick
    16. Gamepad
    17. Barcode reader
    18. Electronic Whiteboard
    19. Trackballs
    20. Mouse (pointing device)
  • Examples of manual input devices:
    1. Keyboard
    2. Numeric Keypad
    3. Pointing device
    4. Touch screen
    5. Digital Cameras
    6. Webcameras
    7. Webcams
    8. Light pens
    9. Joystick

Processing Data

Processing Data is the process of performing calculations or comparing data. Processing is the action that inputs data into meaningful information(Output).

Storing Data

A large amount of data can be stored on the computer. Hard disk, CD ROM and Pen drives are examples of storing data on the computer.

Output devices

Produce the result of processed data into output devices.