BA Programme in English (BA English), Common Courses, Open Courses, Complementary Courses

The principal aims and objectives of the BA Programme in English are:

  • To train learners in Basic English Language Skills, word building, soft skills, and effective communication.
  • To expose to logical and imaginative writing 
  • To introduce learners to various issues in contemporary society.
  • To provide contemporary cultural and social awareness of society through English
  • To discusses functional aspects of grammar with tasks for practice.
  • Aims at acquainting the learner with the power of the word
  • To familiarise the learners with the rules of grammar.

Common courses in English

  • The four skills for communication
  • Reading fiction and non-fiction
  • Native media in English
  • Modern prose and drama
  • Inspiring expressions
  • Reading on society

Outline of Core Courses 

  • Reading prose
  • Reading Poetry
  • Reading fiction
  • Reading drama
  • Informatics
  • Modern English literature
  • Methodology of humanities
  • Indian writing in English
  • Language and linguistics
  • Literary criticism and theory
  • Literature in English
  • American and post-colonial
  • Women's writing
  • Writing for the media

Open Courses in English

  • Film Studies
  • Creative Writing in English
  • Applied Language Skills

Complementary Courses Offered for B.A. English Program

  • Social and Cultural History of Britain    
  • Journalism