Before Beginning Of Programming, Why C First? And Why Programming And Programmers

Before the beginning of programming, you should understand why c programming is learning. Here I explain to you a simple real-life example. As a driver, the driver is not required to know the working of an automobile. But as an Automobile Mechanic, you should know each and every part of your vehicle, how these parts are interconnected. Likewise, as a programmer, you should understand why programming. Syntax and semantic rules associated with the programming.

Why programming and why programmers:

Everyone has concepts. But how to make it practical, that's very important. I'm speaking in the sense of the computer world. Suppose you have a concept and it is valuable, you should make it a reality. But How?

Yes, you got the answer. Programmers can help you. Then you will have a doubt. What they are doing in front of a computer and what are their duties or from where did they study these from. Programmers have a positive impact on real-life society to come up with real-life solutions.

Every programmer should learn c programming first. But why? Sure, there are many advantages to learning c programming. Suppose you are going to learn Java, PHP or some other programming languages, certainly you will move to frameworks. So you will grip here a chance to know the flow of programming, how the syntaxes are connected. For this, I suggest C programming should learn first.