Flowchart In Programming

  • Flowchart can be defined as the pictorial representation of an algorithm or It can be defined as a type of tool to explain the flow of the program.
  • The flowchart is helpful in debugging, efficient coding and analysis of a particular program.
  • Drawing a flowchart for complicated programs is very difficult.
  • Oval, Flowline, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Diamond, etc. are the name of the symbols used in the flowchart.     

Name of the symbols and their use

  1. Oval: An oval denotes the beginning or end of the program
  2. Flowline: Denotes the direction of a logic (Relationship between representative state)
  3. Parallelogram : Denotes input operation (eg., INPUT) or output operation (OUTPUT)
  4. Rectangle: Denotes a process to be carried out (Eg., Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)
  5. Diamond: Denotes the decision (Either yes or no)

Examples of flowchart

  1. Write a flowchart to find the largest of two numbers
  2. Write a flowchart to find the largest of three numbers
  3. Write a flowchart to find the factorial of a number of an entered number.
  4. Write a flowchart to find Fibonacci series up to a 100