Relative Pronoun & their uses in a senence



  • it is used to refer to nouns mentioned previously
  • it is used to combine/join  two sentences.
  • who,whose,which,whom,that,what,where and when are the most commom relative pronouns
  • Who,Whose and whom  are used to indicate persons(male/female).




  • Format for using who in a sentence (Person______Verb
  • E.g: (i) She is the girl Who sacrificed her life for friends.
  • (ii) she wants to interview the painter who painted a beautiful picture.



  • Format for using whose in a sentence (Person______Noun) 
  • E.g: (i) She is aisha whose scooter has been stolen.
  • (ii)  I know the doctor  whose  character is bad.





  • Format for using whom in a sentence (Person______Pronoun) 
  • E.g:(i) He is the teacher whom everyone respects.
  • (ii) She is one whom we can trust.



  • Used when to mention about animals or things.
  • E.g: (i) This is the dog which I bought yesterday.
  • (ii) Ramesh killed the snake that bit his father



  • That is used If their is a superlative degree in a sentence.
  • E.g: (i) He is the best speaker that available here.
  • (ii) It is the toughest quesion that i have ever seen. 



  • What used when we refer to  a questioning sentence
  • E.g: (i) Do you get me what I am saying
  • (ii) please listen what i am asking.



  • It is used in a sentence to indicate time.
  • E.g(i) You can telephone me whenever  you get time.
  • (ii) I was watching serial when you called me.