Sentence In English

SENTENCE: A set of words that is complete in itself

TYPES: sentence are divided into 3 types

  • Simple sentence
  • Compound sentence
  • Complex sentence

Simple sentence: A sentence having only one main clause (their will have only one verb in the sentence)


  • Go to the office

  • Hearing the voice,she came out.(where hearing is gerund )

  • Rahul  bought  a car.

Compound sentence: A sentence having two main clause( thier will be a conjunction in between two main clause {and,so,or,but}.


  • I called him but he gave me no reply.

  • She is ill so  she is absent 

Complex sentence: A sentence which have a subordinate clause and a Main clause.

note: as soon as ,if, as ,unless ,when ,while ,because ,though ,although (if this words will be in a sentence then it will be a complex sentence)


  • unless you study well,u will not pass.
  • she is absent because she is ill.