Top Tips For Great Job Interviews

Below, we provide an overview of how to succeed in an interview. Here are 20 tips to help you in interview.

  1. Research the company and interviewer
  2. Use the company product or service 
  3. Prepare to answers for their questions
  4. Schedule the date if you can
  5. Check your presence in the office at the right time
  6. Dress to impress
  7. Clean your face, wash your hands
  8. Wash and dry your hands
  9. Arrive early for the interview
  10. Eat something before the interview
  11. Wear a confident smile
  12. Prepare for common interview questions
  13. Speak the right body language
  14. Send thank-you notes.
  15. Speak only positive
  16. Recruit a friend to practice answering questions
  17. Practice, practice, practice
  18. Be prepared with examples of your work.
  19. Prepare smart questions for your interviewers.
  20. Prepare a list of references.