The Uses Of Function Keys In Keyboard

F1->Opens the help screen for almost all the programs in the system, F2-> Allows you to rename a selected folder or file. F3->Opens the search feature for the active program. F4->Alt + F4 closes the current active window.


ASCII (American Standard Code For Information Interchange)

ASCII is developed by ANSI(Amercan National Standards Institute). ASCII is a common format for text files in internet and computers. The text files stored in ASCII files are called ASCII Files. 128 Characters are defined in ASCII. Each aplphabetic, special characters or numeric is represent with a 7 bit alphanumeric code.


Units Of Computer Memory Measurements

A bit (also known as a binary digit) is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has binary value either 0 or 1. Bits are rarely used. Bits are assembled into a group of eight are called Byte. A byte contains enough information to store the data such as ASCII values like "m".


What is git?

Git is one of the most widely used modern version control in the world. Git is developed by Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds was a famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel). Git is an example of distributed version control system (DVCS). Developers copy is a repository, which contains full history of changes.


The basic computer concepts

Computer is an advanced electronic device and it operates under a set of instructions(called program), that input or accept data, process data and produce output data and store the information for future purposes. A computer can process both numerical and nonnumerical calculations. Data is a collection of raw unprocessed facts, symbols, and figures.


The components of a computer

Data is a collection of raw unprocessed facts, symbols, and figures. Information is the data that is organized and meaningful. To process the data into information, a computer uses both hardware and software. A computer consist of mainly hardware and software. Mainly there are two parts of a computer.


The advantages and disadvantages of Internet

Nowadays, computers are widely used everywhere. The Internet is popular. Because of its unlimited advantages of the internet. We cannot think a day without the internet in our life. It makes our life easier day by day. The advantages of the internet are unlimited. But you know there are some disadvantages to the internet.


Functional Units of a computer

Functional unit is a part of the CPU that performs the calculations, operations called for by the computer program. The main components or Functional units of computer are input unit, CPU (Central Processing Unit), output unit, memory unit.