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waiting answer December 28, 2020

what are the courses after 10th?

December 28, 2020

Deciding 'what are the courses after 10th?' is one of the most important decisions in your life. If you do not have the necessary guidelines or not clear about the career you want to build, deciding what after 10 will surely be a risky task.

There are many questions that the students who have appeared for the class 10 public examination and are waiting for the results.

  • What after class 10?
  • Which stream to opt for?
  • Should you stick to traditional options or consider professional courses?

The answer to these questions will decide your future as far as further studies and professional life that is concerned.

Career options that are available to a 10th class pass out are:

  • Science stream with medical
  • Science stream with non-medical
  • Arts and Humanities stream
  • Commerce Stream
  • ITI certificate courses
  • Polytechnic Diploma Courses

Science stream with medical

Those who are interested in medical like. science stream with medical can be a better option for you. This field requires a lot of sincerity and hard work. This course allows them to shift both medical and non-medical and they can opt for art and some extend.

Science stream with nonmedical

Those who are interested in the nonmedical and engineering line can opt for science subjects with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as their major subjects.

Commerce stream after completing your 10th class

As a commerce student, you will have a business study, business economics, accountancy, and business law as your core subjects. In addition, you will learn auditing, income tax, fundamental training in accounting, general business, economics as a part of the commerce stream.

Art and Humanities Stream

If anyone has the interest to pursue a career in literature, journalism, mass media, history and economics must choose the arts stream after the 10th examination.

Polytechnique Diploma Courses
Some of the branches that you can opt for are 

  • Diploma in computer science engineering
  • Diploma in electrical engineering
  • Diploma in civil engineering
  • Diploma in mechanical engineering
  • Diploma in electronics engineering
  • Diploma in information technology
  • Diploma in textile technology
  • Diploma in Diary Engineering
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