30 Types Of B.Sc.(Bachelor of Science) Courses

Nov 11, 2019 Eduardo Zambrano

  1. BSC in Agriculture
  2. BSC in Hotel Management
  3. BSC in Interior Design
  4. BSC in Biotechnology
  5. BSC in Physics
  6. BSC in Chemistry
  7. BSC in Mathematics
  8. BSC in Catering Service
  9. BSC in Hotel Management And Catering Service
  10. BSC in Animation Film Making
  11. BSC in Visual Effects Film Making
  12. BSC in Fashion and Apparel Design
  13. BSC in Tourism And Hospitality Management
  14. BSC in Fashion and Apparel Design
  15. BSC in Animation Film Making
  16. BSC in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts
  17. BSC in Statistics
  18. BSC in Digital Animation Film Making
  19. BSC in Digital VFX Film Making
  20. BSC in Microbiology
  21. BSC in Aviation
  22. BSC in radiology
  23. BSC in X-ray technology
  24. BSC in zoology
  25. BSC in Travel And Tourism
  26. BSC in Bioinformatics
  27. BSC in Dialysis
  28. BSC in Psychology
  29. BSC in Genetics
  30. BSC in Geology