Top 10 Jquery Interview Questions And Answers

What is JQuery?

  • Jquery is a well-written javascript code and is not a programming language.
  • Jquery seems to be more popular.

What are the features of the Jquery Library?

  • HTML event methods
  • CSS Manipulation
  • Ajax using Jquery
  • HTML/DOM manipulation
  • Jquery has plugins for almost tasks

What are the advantages of Jquery?

  • Very good documentation for third party library
  • lightweight when compared to other frameworks
  • Many plugins available for various specific needs

Is jquery is a Javascript or JSON library file?

  • Jquery is said to be a single javascript file.
  • Jquery is a library of the javascript file which contains features like HTML/DOM manipulation, CSS Manipulation, HTML event methods, etc.

What are the operating systems more compatible with jquery?

  • Linux, windows, and mac

What are Jquery selectors?

  • Jquery selectors are used to selecting and manipulate HTML Elements

Element selector:

  • It selects based on the element name.  
  • $("p") => Select all p elements in the page

Id selector:

  • It selects elements based on the id.
  • $("#id_test") => Select the element containg the id 'id_test'

class selector

  • Find elements with specific class name
  •  $(".class_test")

What are the methods used to provide effects in Jquery?

  • Show()
  • Hide()
  • FadeIn()
  • FadeOut()
  • Toggle()

What are the events in Jquery?

  • An event represents a moment when something happens.
  • Examples:
    • Selecting the radio button
    • Selecting an element
    • Moving the mouse over the element
  • Mouse events: click, dblclick, mouseenter, mouseleave.  
  • Keyboard Events: keyup, keydown, keypress.
  • Document or Window Events: unload, scroll, load, resize.
  • Form Events: submit, focus, change, blur.

Is jquery a server-side scripting or client-side scripting?

  • Jquery is client-side scripting.

Which are the fastest selector in Jquery?

  • id and element