Laravel Framework

How to load public files in laravel

Use the function public_path(). Path to the root folder of the project. //Path to app folder of the project. Path to public folder of the project. echo storage_path('app');


CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Protetion in Laravel

CSRF attacks are the type of attacks where unauthorized commands are performed on behalf of authorized users. Laravel provides an easy method to block CSRF attacks. You should include a CSRF field inside the form of HTML. Any HTML forms of method POST, PUT or DELETE should include the CSRF token.


How to commonly pass data to all views from single controller in Laravel

In this section, discuss How to commonly pass data to all views from the single controller in Laravel.


REST API in Laravel

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. In RESTful APIs, we use HTTP Verbs as actions. GET -> Retrieve Resources. POST -> Create Resources. PUT -> Update Resources. DELETE -> Delete Resources


Top Features Of Laravel Framework

Authentication: Laravel provides simple inbuilt authentication, which can run by using certain artisan commands. Modularity: Modularity is the property of splitting large programs into small programs are called modules. In Laravel, the packages are provided in the form of a modular development approach that is pluggable.


Top 10 Laravel Interview Questions And Answers

Laravel is a PHP framework used to develop web applications. Laravel is a framework with elegant and expressive syntax. Laravel is based on the MVC design pattern. It is created by Taylor Otwell. It helps in creating wonderful web applications easily and quickly.