Aeronautical Engineering Course Details, Educational requirements, Careers

Aeronotical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering will apply the principles of mathematics, science, and design on developing, designing, analyzing, and testing aircrafts satellites, commercial or military satellites. Aeronautical engineering is one of the challenging fields of engineering technology and deals with Research of the machines or airplanes which move in the space, Aviation defense, and exploration system. Aeronautical engineers also develop Supersonic jets, rockets, helicopters, etc. Aeronautical engineering includes the introductory labs in which they apply the ae principles to flight and propulsion.

Educational requirements:

  • Must complete a degree in aerocrafts or aeronautical engineering approved by the accreditation board for engineering and technology (ABET).
  • The degree will be a continuation of subjects in physics, chemistry, and mathematics in higher secondary education.
  • Programs take 4-5 years to complete 

Careers after aeronautical engineering

  • Aircraft or Missile maintenance
  • Thermal design engineer
  • Aircraft Systems Designer 
  • Mechanical Engineering Roles
  • Professor Roles
  • Banking
  • Civil Services
  • Technical roles in Defence
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer Trainee