Aeronautical Engineering Course Details, Educational requirements, Careers

Nov 11, 2019 Eduardo Zambrano

  • Aeronautical engineering will apply the principles of mathematics, science, and design on developing, designing, analyzing, and testing aircrafts satellites, commercial or military satellites.
  • Aeronautical engineering is one of the challenging fields of engineering technology and deals with Research of the machines or airplanes which move in the space, Aviation defense, and exploration system.
  • Aeronautical engineers also develop Supersonic jets, rockets, helicopters, etc.
    Aeronautical engineering includes the introductory labs in which they apply the ae principles to flight and propulsion.

Educational requirements:

  • Must complete a degree in aerocrafts or aeronautical engineering approved by the accreditation board for engineering and technology (ABET).
  • The degree will be a continuation of subjects in physics, chemistry, and mathematics in higher secondary education.
  • Programs take 4-5 years to complete 

Careers after aeronautical engineering

  • Aircraft or Missile maintenance
  • Thermal design engineer
  • Aircraft Systems Designer 
  • Mechanical Engineering Roles
  • Professor Roles
  • Banking
  • Civil Services
  • Technical roles in Defence
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer Trainee