Nouns in English

  • A noun is often called a noun phrase.
  • A noun phrase can be a single-word noun or usually longer than a single word.


  • Students love their parents(noun phrase:students)
  • A good student loves his friends(noun phrase: A good student)

Nouns can be classified into five types:

  1. Proper nouns
  2. Common nouns
  3. Collective nouns
  4. Material nouns
  5. Abstract nouns

Proper nouns

  • It is the name of a particular thing or a person.
  • Example: the name used for mountain, river, place, person, etc.

Common Nouns

  • It is not to a particular thing or a person.
  • It refers to every person or any or class or thing of the same kind.
  • Eg., man, woman, girl, boy

Collective nouns

  • A collective noun is the name of a group of people or a collection of things of the same kind.
  • Example: class, jury, team, organization.

Material Nouns

  • Material Nouns is the name of the material or an ingredient thing that a substance is made up of or a substance.
  • Example: Iron, copper, rice, wheat

Abstract nouns

  • Abstract nouns are the name of the quantities or states or concepts found in the various kind of objects.
  • Abstract nouns are abstracted from concrete nouns.
  • Concrete nouns are the names of the material things having size, shape or form.
  • Example: the book is a concrete noun. Whereas beauty is an abstract noun.
  • Concrete nouns refer to physical properties. whereas abstract nouns refer to mental properties.