What is Yii Framework | Advantages of Yii over other frameworks | Different versions of Yii

  • Yii is a component-based PHP framework for developing modern applications.
  • The Yii stands for yes it is.
  • The name Yii means simple and evolutionary in Chinese.

What are the advantages of YII compare with Other Frameworks?

  • Like most of the other PHP frameworks, YII is also implemented MVC(Model View Controller) architectural pattern.
  • It promotes code organization based on the architectural pattern.
  • Yii will design things mainly for the purpose of following strictly some design patterns
  • The code should be written in a simple yet elegant way. 
  • Yii is a full-stack framework.
  • Executing with high performance is always a primary goal of YII.
  • Yii provides many proven and ready to use features.
  • Yii provides multi-tier caching support, RESTful API development support, Relational and No-SQL databases, etc.
  • Yii is backed by a strong developer team.
  • A large number of professionals are constantly are contributing to the development of the Yii framework.

Different versions of Yii framework

  1. Version 1.1
  2. Version 2.0
  • Version 1.1 is old and now in maintenance mode.
  • Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the version 1.1